Mesquite Meat is a Texas Made font and has an edgy and western theme. It's based of the font Mesquite which is already pre-installed on your computer. Download my version for a cool twist on a classic!

I have been a fan of concert t-shirts for some time now. Metal bands in particular since that have an edgy and dark theme to them.

It has been over 2 years (I think) since I have designed for Corrupt Clothing. And now I have reunited with the old crew and started to revamp the site and add new shirt designs to the collection!

Call of Duty Zombies and Minecraft tshirts available at depraved clothing

Gaming and Gamer Apparel just got a lot f#cking cooler! 

Font Monger the depot for grunge and eroded fonts

I started the creative process for my new project called Font Monger

Zombie style font for download

Check out my newest designed font called The dead are coming!

Minecraft apparel clothing and tshirts by chris vile

I have sold over 30 Minecraft shirts - I know it does not seem like a lot, but it is if you are new to the apparel and shirt game.

Various professional logos created by Chris Vile in Austin, Texas and Chicago, IL

I tracked down a lot of logos I have designed over the years and decided to share them.

Comic book: Decayatis by Barbarian brothers

Check out this Comic created by Barbarians Brothers, what makes it so awesome? They are using my font!

Service web design need a new website

If you had not noticed, my website has been on and offline for a few days now for the past couple of weeks.

Nick The Ghost shirt design created by chris vile

I just finished up a pretty cool shirt design for Nick The Ghost Gonzalez for his upcoming fight against Leonard Garcia.

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