Zombie style font for download

Check out my newest designed font called The dead are coming!

Minecraft apparel clothing and tshirts by chris vile

I have sold over 30 Minecraft shirts - I know it does not seem like a lot, but it is if you are new to the apparel and shirt game.

Various professional logos created by Chris Vile in Austin, Texas and Chicago, IL

I tracked down a lot of logos I have designed over the years and decided to share them.

Comic book: Decayatis by Barbarian brothers

Check out this Comic created by Barbarians Brothers, what makes it so awesome? They are using my font!

Service web design need a new website

If you had not noticed, my website has been on and offline for a few days now for the past couple of weeks.

Nick The Ghost shirt design created by chris vile

I just finished up a pretty cool shirt design for Nick The Ghost Gonzalez for his upcoming fight against Leonard Garcia.

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