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Brodequin is a font that captures the essence of old English elegance with a touch of erosion and wear. Its letters are designed to look as though they have been worn and weathered over time, giving them a vintage, timeless feel. The font's eroded edges and curved serifs add to its overall look, creating a font that is both sophisticated and rugged. Brodequin is the perfect font for designs that need to convey a sense of history and tradition, such as book covers, wine labels, or historical events. With its elegant yet eroded appearance, Brodequin is a font that is sure to make a lasting impression on any project it is used in. Whether you're creating a design for a historical novel or a heritage-themed event, Brodequin is the perfect font to bring a touch of old English charm to your designs.

Font Details

Uppercase: Yes

Lowercase: Same as uppercase

Numbers: No

Symbols & Punctuation: Very limited, view image below to see available

Accents: No

Theme: Death metal, horror, eroded, blackletter

Choose the Right License for Your Needs

Selecting the appropriate license is crucial to ensure seamless and compliant usage of our fonts. Review the options below to identify the best fit for your requirements:

1. Commercial License

  • User Access: Single user.
  • Device Limit: Up to 5 computers.
  • Project Scope: Use allowed exclusively for the license owner's projects, including creating and selling merchandise with the license owner's designs or logo. Not permitted for projects or designs intended for multiple clients or external third parties.
  • Duration: Lifetime license.
  • Notes: Best for individual freelancers and professionals. Ensures individual commercial use only.

2. Extended License

  • User Access: Multi-user, up to 10.
  • Device Limit: Up to 20 computers.
  • Project Scope: Unlimited commercial projects, inclusive of merchandise.
  • Duration: Lifetime license.
  • Notes: Suited for small to mid-sized teams and businesses, offering expansive distribution rights.

3. Corporate License

  • User Access: Unlimited users, enterprise-wide.
  • Device Limit: Unlimited organization computers.
  • Software Embedding: Allowed for software application embedding.
  • Server Installation: Permitted for web fonts or automated processes.
  • App License: Use within mobile or desktop applications.
  • Project Scope: Unlimited commercial projects with global distribution.
  • Duration: Lifetime license.
  • Notes: Ideal for corporations and large-scale agencies, granting complete access and integration.

Ensure you choose the right license for your intended usage to avoid potential licensing conflicts in the future.

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